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Military Community Chamber of Commerce


Headquartered in Military City, USA

The Problem

Currently, there is not a working group that connects the whole military community. The framework is tribal and regionally disjointed. Competing non-profits lower amounts and limit grant capital, slowing group goals. This disjointed nature pulls away from our greatest strength: team building.

The Solution

To fly a banner others can rally around to work in true collaboration, open communication, and resource sharing to provide the best products and solutions to the issues that ravage the greater military community.

We are building bridges between military community organizations and the greater military community to become an organization of action, not just words.

We are spearheading the initiative of uniting the military community!

There are more than 45,000 veteran service organizations all trying to “combat” similar issues. MC3 will lead the effort in shepherding the
One Team – One Fight

Upcoming Events

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