Transition Program

The Transition Alliance was formed to start building the best of the best programs from across our country. These programs will include Veteran Transition, Military Spouse Transition, and Gold Star Family Transition. This list will continue to grow as MC3 organizations come together to develop additional ways to support the military community through the highly-stressful transition process.

Hiring Certification Program

This alliance is designed to assist employers in achieving best-in-class military community hiring programs and policies. With a true annual audit process, our certification tells the world that your programs are not only designed to hire hiring from our community, but retain them once hired. Our alliance of consultancies also stand ready to assist in the development and improvement of your Military Hiring Program and Veteran Resource Groups.

Wellness Program

Wellness comes in many forms: mental, physical, spiritual, nutritional, and more. The organizations within this alliance are working together to ensure that the military community is given multiple tools to support anything they may need to succeed.

Substance Abuse Program

Our Substance Abuse Alliance is coming soon!

Suicide Awareness Program

Our Suicide Awareness Alliance is coming soon!

Mental Health Program

Our Mental Health Alliance is coming soon!