Patriot Allies

What is a Patriot Ally?

Patriot Allies are a dedicated group of individuals and corporate entities who come together with a common goal; to improve the health of the military community. Whether through fundraising events, educational programs, or other initiatives, Patriot Allies work tirelessly to support our brave servicemembers, past and present, & their families. By providing critical support, resources, & care to those who serve our country, Patriot Allies illustrate their deep appreciation for all that our military personnel do on a daily basis. Through their efforts, Patriot Allies make a significant difference in the lives of countless military members and their loved ones, ensuring that they always feel supported and valued as they face the unique challenges of military service. Thus, Patriot Allies truly embody all that it means to be a patriot and an ally: selfless dedication to helping others, unyielding love and respect for our troops, and unwavering commitment to preserving the well-being of our courageous military community. MC3 is proud to stand with these dedicated individuals and entities in support of those who serve and protect our Nation. We vow to continue fighting hard to ensure that our military community remains strong and healthy in the years to come.